Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanksgiving post

Hi everyone,
I love this time of year and Thanksgiving is my favorite all time holiday. Food, Family, Friends and festivities all blended into a day, yum yum....

I decided the other day to begin to notice why I say thank you through out the day. I invite you to explore this practice for yourself tomorrow. Here's what I noticed:

1. I say thank you ALOT. Sometimes not when I am feeling gratitude:0

2. I say thank because I want something done , as in , " Nate , PLEASE put your shoes on...THANK YOU".

3. I say thank you because I feel I am not worthy. I notice this when I say thank you at the end of every sentence. It's more of a way to feel I am giving something back, as in everything has to be balanced and if I don't have something I can give back, then I must say thank you over and over till the other person acknowledges my gratitude. This comes from my EGO:)

4. I say thank you to show I have "Good manners" ....ego, check....

5. I say thank you and express gratitude as a way to manipulate....ouch. "Thanks so much , that was great....now, would you go to the store for me?"

6. I say thank you when I am embarrassed or lack words to say something else...like after a compliment sometimes...

7. I say thank you when I genuinely am grateful and when I feel appreciated.

8. Finally......I am deeply thankful when I feel the emotion of gratitude so strong within.....This is how I feel to teach Nia. I feel such gratitude for the building community of Nia students and teachers. When I look into my sons' eyes, I feel something so deep and cherished, this is gratitude for real...It's tangible...and often I hold it back as it feels like it will overwhelm me, or embarrass the other. And sometimes I let it go ( this feeling) too quickly.

So, I humbly share this with you in hopes that it inspires your own awareness of "Thank you" and the emotion of gratitude. From this experiment I have discovered where I lapse out of authenticity, and I see where I can savor and deepen a connection to others and to myself.

Happy Thanks giving everyone! And a heartfelt Thank you for dancing with me....love, Kelly