Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Body Reveals itself to us!

Today's tidbit relates to the Nia Principle that the Body reveals itself to us when we listen. This is the principle called "The Body's Way" and all of Nia is built from this. The Body's way meaning that we can look to the design and function of any part of the body, and find the potential and possibility of that part, and compare it to what is happening in our own body. Closing this gap is the art of healing. It requires presence, each and every day, and moment, for that matter, as the body is always speaking to us and we may miss the whispers and only listen when the body is screaming at us. Often we spend more time in the past, recollecting what has happened prior than to be present to what is happening now. Our bodies are different, and changing all the time. Our bodies are a reflection of our thoughts ( this is a great reminder to consider changing your thoughts about aging and the body) Collecting the fine details of sensations and offering stimulation that then feeds back more information. This is the healing circle- all the while the mind offering the statement of " Now i am healing".....This can be happening while we are in life, while we do the things we do each day. While brushing teeth, cooking, getting dressed.
Another aspect of The Body's Way is recognizing that our bodies are energy. Science tells us that every muscle, bone, organ, even our thoughts are a moving energetic vibration. Everything is made up of energy, the more dense ( like a chair for instance) the slower the vibrational rate. The body can hold onto energy , and create a density, that may inhibit our ability to remain physically, mentally , and emotionally healthy. This often happens when we become too entrained, and too much in our "heads" thinking things intellectually versus experiencing life through the body with no inner dialogue. Thoughts like " stand up straight", "keep knees behind toes" and linear movements that make logical sense actually tense up the body and inhibit the natural flow of movement. It is this inhibition, this tension , that creates illness or holding of excess energy that blocks full health. When you release physical or emotional tension, the body moves with more pleasure, ease and wellness increases.
One of the best ways to open into moving the body in an organic natural way, releasing the "training's" and thinking mind, is to practice the first stage of healing. This stage is called "embryonic" , this is where we begin to move without thinking. The intelligence of "preverbal" comes forth. Our Body's are designed to know how to move without us having to be told or to recall from a thinking place. Embryonic is the state of unlocking that wisdom, and allowing our bodies to unfold for us the path. The body can then re-order itself without the thinking mind creating tensions.
To begin embryonic, lie on the floor and hug knees in. Begin to move randomly as if you are in a bubble supported by a sea of water. Allow your limbs to feel buoyant. Sometimes reaching, twisting, from the right or left, or belly down. This is all sensation, and allowing your body to move in ways that feel pleasure able. Once embryonic is practiced for a bit, it's helpful to move through the other developmental stages with the same preverbal state that you have cultivated. ( creeping, crawling, standing and walking) This is a great way to be in the moment, and can be a state that is called on at any time during the day while you do other activities. Enjoy! Love, Kelly