Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March events - Nia with Kelly workshops, events, gatherings

Hello dear students and friends,
March is an exciting month for me. Get your calendar's out and pencil in the fun events! Each year, I produce "Brain Awareness Week" in conjunction with I am passionate about the brain, and mostly passionate about ways that the brain regenerates, improves and self heals when given the right type and amount of stimulation. I have witnessed how Nia and all the principles and exercises we do in class have improved how my brain functions and would like to share this experience everyone. Will you help me? For each new student that comes to class during the month of March, from your referral, you'll receive a bonus free class on your cards. Just ask them to say you sent them. I have extra schedules and beautiful brochures coming for you to leave around town. Thank you so much for sharing your Joy , and for practicing Nia with me.

1. Nia Western Caribbean Carnival Cruise: Deposits due on March 5th . I have sign up papers in class or you can email Lynn Atkins at or email me and I can forward them to you. These sheets explain the pricing and options. We can connect you with another Nia student for a roommate if you need that.

2. Guts and Grace Playshop: Experience Yin/Yang and how to bring them into your body, mind, emotions and spirit more consciously to create more harmony. Saturday March 6th 1-3pm . Fee: $35 ahead, or $45 at door. I am seeking 10 curious and open students ready to explore under the surface. Please rsvp by email/phone by 3/6 your intent.

3. FREEDANCE Master Class: March 13th 12-1:15pm fee: $15 at door or $10 if rsvp by 3/12. Shorter than a playshop, you'll briefly learn about the 8 stages of Freedance, and then dance straight for an hour through them. Similar to "trance dance" or "Ecstatic Dance" as there is no choreography. Yet, the form of the stages will give you an anchor to gradually open up your body to new creative ways of moving.

4. BRAIN AWARENESS WEEK: March 15-22nd. Every class will have a master class feel and be extended 15 minutes where possible. Go on a journey into your brain, and discover in each class how a different part is utilized and how that is stimulated in your Nia practice. Take this week of classes as deep as you'd like. There will be optional "homework" suggestions you can play with. You'll leave the week gaining an awareness of how your mind works, how the anatomy of the brain is designed, and how to optimally enhance function of the brain. The latest in brain research will be shared and some short discussion on brain diseases and how Nia can help specifically.

5. SEEDS Group Coaching experience with Kelly: Seeds stands for "sacred energy expands desires swiftly". -begins 3/20 Saturdays 11:30-12:30pm

WHAT: It's the name of a pilot group coaching series that I am offering. This specific group will focus on creating a personal vision for wellbeing, clarifying goals, and finding small steps each week that will bring you closer to that vision over time. Wellbeing includes everything in your life that effects your health. Visions of more energy, healthier environmental surroundings, organized, high functioning, able to relax, healthy time management, stress control, exercise, nutrition, healthy weight, more joy are some can be any of these or more. Everyone can improve some aspect of their life, and working in a group is a powerful and speedy way to expand this wellness. We'll gather, get present, talk a little about coaching vs. teaching, and everyone will have an opportunity to share in a balanced way.

DATES: Four sessions over the next 8 weeks. Meet on Saturdays after class 11:30-12:30am at Saradance. 1st session : 3/20, 2nd session 4/3, 3rd session 4/17, 4th session 5/1. Must commit to all these sessions to participate.

FEE: This is an experimental "beta" group. This means it's a pilot program I am pricing especially low, and asking for your feedback along the way. This price will go up next time. $39 for all sessions ( that's less than $10 per coaching session, and you'll have the group energy to further charge you up on your path!!!!)

Who?: Specifically, I am looking for 8-12 individuals interested in living life with more pleasure and enhancing the joy of creating more wellness through visioning and taking baby steps toward that vision in a group setting. I am looking for those interesting in integrating more of what they want into their lives with grace and with the cycles of nature as inspiration. Those cycles include; Sowing, Germination, Sprouting, Proliferation, Budding, Blossoming,and Fruition

5. Nia JAM : Wednesday March 24th 9:15-10:30am . Fee: same as regular class. Nia JAMS are when a group of Nia teachers each teach different songs and "jam" the way musicians do. Expect heightened energy, big Joy, and an amazing experience of collective creativity.

6. Autumn Teneyl Trunk Show and Cocktail Party: Wednesday March 24th before and after class 8am -12pm. Autumn Teneyl clothing is delightful and flattering clothes with interesting materials and patterns. Perfect for dance or everyday into night elegance. She has created a new line of specific "Nia Wear" that you can buy only at trunk shows - not on the website. It's also a little less expensive and there are smaller pieces ( like skirts and little jackets) that are $30 and up. I am offering an evening cocktail party at my house from 5-9pm this same day, for your convenience. Feel free to come to one or both times and enjoy the camaraderie and fun of trying on new clothes and shopping in a comfortable environment. There is no pressure to buy....come and enjoy the art. Please rsvp if you are coming to the evening party.