Monday, April 6, 2009

Nia tidbit #112- sensation, creating dreams, chakras

Hi everyone,
The last few tidbits have been "passed on" info i have recieved, and i am excited to offer you something that came right from my body today.
Today's tidbit is about desire, passion, and flow. It is always said if you can find your passion , your calling, then money and opportunity will flow. Finding that thing to create in the world that you'd do no matter what, admidst lifestyle stress... this is the trick, or rather the art. This applies if you're looking for a successful career, relationship ( passionate/healthy/supportive love) , health( ways of healing) or any goal. I believe that finding what one is passionate about or cultivating passion is dependent on feeling desire( sensation), staying with it ( focus- tolerance) and allowing it to unfold for you ( choice). Think of a baby that moves and explores until the desire is strong enough to push the edges of their little bodies to strengthen to move from embryonic, to creeping , to crawling, to standing and walking..The body actually naturally gravitates towards health, ease, relaxation, and wellness. If we can sustain being in our sensations, becoming more tolerant of pain ( meaning to notice the subtle, acute, or constant sensation and not "numbing" it till it's an enormous pain you can't ignore) and pleasure( is it a little pleasure? medium ? a lot?), and not in the thinking mind but in the living body's wisdom, desire becomes enriched. This desire is healing in it's ability to bypass the ingrained habits and loops in the mind filled with "should's" and other beliefs. This desire is constantly changing and adjusting the way the body does naturally to whatever is in need of attention.
Once one is attuned to what one desires, passion begins to come forth that are authentic to one's spirit. This is embodied passion that is running on sensation. Glimpses of this come forth through practice with desire in the body. Living passionately is very energizing! A great way to practice this at home is to ask your body as a whole or even better a particular bone, muscle, ache, pain, joint , etc, "what is it you need, what is it you want" and staying with the sensations as you begin to decipher the difference between the head answering, or the heart or the ache/part itself...and the key is to stay with the sensations as you de-code it's meaning. Become a good listener!
As desire is cultivated from this deep place, passion is the tapestry that is woven from noticing that which you desire. As passion is deepened, it's time to begin to notice how the Universe steps in to support you. Be observant of opportunities and "random" encounters that are chances for you to begin taking action towards your wish. Having hope, and faith in whatever you believe in as a higher power, and knowing that good is coming your way is important to help you see clearly. IT's the river that will float you to your highest good. Below is a chakra flow chart I created for you to play with that ties in with desire and our energy bodies:

Remember these are questions to your body, and the body is answering through sensation:

chakra one: What do I need ( survival: safety, food, rest, movement)
chakra two: What do I want? ( once needs are met, what would enhance the experience?)
chakra three: Do I have enough personal power to integrate that want? What am I afraid of ? Who is the Me that is stating all my fears? What does fear feel like in my body?
chakra four: Who is there to help me create this? How do I begin relating to my desire, and to others about my desire? Trust
chakra five: what do I say about it? how does my language choice, and sound of my voice relay my desires and creation. What is it I am truthfully saying ( beyond the simple words). truth
chakra six: What ideas and inspirations come regarding my passion energy and choices?What are my beliefs about achieving my desires? thoughts
chakra seven: Universal love. Hope. Connectedness.

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