Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nia tidibit #117

Hi everyone,
Happy Blue Electric Storm Day ! Blue Electric Storm is the "tribe" that today falls on in the Natural Time Calendar/Mayan Calendar. There are 20 tribes that are kind of like zodiac signs in that they each have meaning. It's a fun way to play with intention each day as the meanings for each tribe are a blend of eastern and western philosophy and spiritual growth concepts. Not all, but many Nia teachers like to follow this calendar. I will have ones for the new year for sale soon in class if you are interested.
So, today's Nia tidbit is inspired by Blue Storm ( this happens to be my partners sign- Sid). A key word for Blue Storm is self generation, catalyze and energy. Thunder, and a storm, is natures way of ushering in change. Change is natural, and consistently a part of life. We change as we age, relationships evolve and change, our roles change through life, friendships change, everyday subtle changes are there....and as much as staying the same feels safe, it's actually not good for our health physically or mentally to strive for same.
Before a change happens, whether it 's big or small, it's common that things have to become unsettled, disorienting, old constructs begin to feel unstable. It's the process of change, and the thunder is the clarifying energy that must happen. It's the contractions before the birth. Often this is the state of change that we resist, and it's easy to begin to grasp at familiarity. When this grasping happens , the body becomes tight, the joints dense. The shadow of Blue storm is being stuck, and repeating habits and addictions as a way to try to avoid reality.
This brings me to sensing stability in the body. The most important sensation of fitness is stability. It is from stability that we can reach new potentials of strength and flexibility. If you have ever injured a joint, you can re-call what extreme instability is felt like, and then how a new stability in another part compensates as the body heals. Though instability doesn't feel so good it's an important part of the process. Recognizing it and adjusting to find stability once agian. Stability in the body is felt like a radiating center and it's natural and necessary that stability is evolving continually. We must feel the sense of no stability to begin to seek stability and then we must not hang on to it. Being stiff, dense and stuck in the body is not stability. Stability is fluid, adaptable. It's being the eye of the storm. It has a feel of being able to change at any moment, a freedom and openess to choose. Stability is not constantly the same, it's dependent on instability to keep it alive.
For today, notice what is asking to change in your body/life. How do your joints feel? Invite the sensations of instability to come forth and notice your movement choices that bring you to a new subtle sense of being a radiant center. This can be from one joint, to a whole body sensation. As you bring yourself into feeling stability , you will be the center for others to also find their centers. If you come to Nia class tonight you'll have the opportunity to feel stability viscerally!
Love, Kelly
ps. Trainer Denise Medved had a thunder bolt go through her house 5 weeks ago. about change. Her house was 2/3 destroyed and she's living in a rental. We collected lot's of love during last week for her, and some extra money to replace her chatkas. She wanted me to express to you her deep gratitude and wonderment for being so loved and supported. Thank you everyone .........

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